Efficiency Hacks

Efficiency Hacks: Your Path to Business Productivity

When growing a business, there often comes a moment of realisation – a moment when you’ve scaled past your initial systems and things start to get… well, hectic.

You find yourself juggling more tasks than you ever imagined, your inbox resembles a digital jungle, you can’t seem to be consistent with your client journey and the once-smooth operation begins to show signs of strain.

The truth is, it’s a common scenario. Yep, EVERYONE feels like this at some stage. You are not alone.

As entrepreneurs, we’re often so focused on the excitement of launching our ideas and ventures that we might not realise the need for better systems until we’re already waist deep in the growth phase and desperately seek ways to regain control of our business operations.

As an experienced Online Business Manager, I understand the challenges of scaling and growth in a business. I am here to share with you, my top efficiency hacks that will make your journey feel a little less daunting.


  • Time Management

Pomodoro Technique, time blocking, and the Eisenhower Matrix. These techniques all help you prioritise tasks and stay focused. Time blocking my days is critical for me. It doesn’t mean I am rigid about it, but it gives me a guide to ensure my focus is where it needs to be around a certain time. Time blocking helps you organise your day, prioritise important tasks, and avoid multitasking, which leads to overwhelm.
I love the Pomodoro. It involves breaking your work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length separated by short breaks. After completing four Pomodoros, you take a longer break. This technique encourages sustained concentration and helps you tackle tasks in manageable, focused segments.


  • Streamline Your Processes

Streamlining your processes is the key. Identify bottlenecks that slow you down and hold you back from doing the things you SHOULD be doing. Whether it’s manual data entry, or clunky communication tool, removing inefficiencies can find you a whole bunch of time you didn’t know you had. Did I mention introducing automation? That will be a whole separate Blog post so stay tuned.


  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Documenting your step-by-step process is a must for any business. They are the GPS for your operations and a powerful asset to have. These will not only ensure tasks are completed correctly but on time too, so it fits into the overall bigger picture of the business. An easy way to start is to choose 3 key processes in your business and start writing down all the steps you do to complete a task. You can do this in your project management tool, or on a Google or Word document. Consistency is key here. Make time to record a process at least every month if you are on your own in your business. If you have a team, delicate. Choose a process hero to delegate the management of your SOPs.


  • Delegate Effectively

Delegating isn’t about passing off work, it’s about optimising resources and achieving your business goals effectively. Does the captain of a ship run around doing all the things needed to set sail for the ocean? He has a team and delegates for the success of the voyage. To help you identify what can be delegated away from you, focus on what matters to you. Is it freeing up your time and mental energy to allow for more strategic deliveries and innovations? Are your service offerings suffering because you don’t have time to spend with your clients? Well, bring in the experts. Leverage expertise in the areas you can delegate to maintain focus on what YOU need to be doing.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Scaling and growing your business takes time and dedication. But armed with these efficiency hacks, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

If you need some help knowing where to start with your business efficiencies, contact me for a chat and I will have you breathing easy, and less stressed in no time.

Open Door Business Solutions helps micro businesses, and solopreneurs scale their businesses ready for growth by getting organised, managing teams, saving time and increasing productivity. We support this by introducing structure, solid systems, processes and automation through tools such as Asana. Send me an email or book a chat so you can say goodbye to the chaos and make your business work smarter.